Customer Service

customer service

Customer Service

We are constantly striving to add new services and streamline our customer service. We work diligently with our customers to develop and establish dyeing and finishing processes and procedures on traditional and newly emerging fabrics as the marketplace demands.

While providing you with all of the necessary services to create the best finished products possible, we are also able to provide you more beneficial services, including:

  • Personalized Treatment/Finishing Offerings
  • Broad Leading Edge Offerings
  • Scalability of Service
  • Speed of Service
  • Additional Add-On Services
  • Dedicated Quality Assurance
  • Order Status Reporting
  • International Shipping

Personalized Treatment/Finishing Offerings

We are flexible and responsive to each of our customers’ requirements. All of our orders are customized to specifically meet our customers’ unique needs. We have customized workflows throughout our facility that allows us to adapt and meet unique fabric, finish, treatment and/or dyeing needs. We work diligently with our customers to develop and establish dyeing and finishing processes on traditional and new emerging fabrics as the marketplace demands.

Our on-site lab has given us the ability to research and explore dyeing, finishing, and treatment processes that would give us the opportunity to fulfill the needs of the entire textiles industry. Our ability to stay on top of the leading fashion and textile trends has allowed us to fulfill every product requirement given to us. We respond quickly to customer needs and are renowned for some of the fastest design and innovation turnarounds in the industry.

Broad Leading Edge Offerings

Utilizing over 75 state of the art high-temperature, high-pressure, computer controlled jet and airflow dyeing chambers ensures we have the capability to process a wide variety of traditional, specialty and newly emerging fabrics.

We are capable of processing a wide range of tubular knit and open width fabrics and blends including cotton, polyester, cotton-polyester, lycra, spandex and wool in two end fleece, three end fleece, rib, flat-back rib, lacoste, french terry, jersey and interlock to name a few. A wide range of woven fabrics and blends.

Through planned expansion, modernization and research & development, we are capable of finishing knitted and woven fabrics in tubular and open width form constructed from traditional, specialty and emerging fabrics. We provide a multitude of different finishing options on knitted fabrics from 2 to 60 oz for a variety of widths.

We have worked diligently with our customers to develop and establish dyeing, finishing and treatment processes and procedures on traditional and new emerging fabrics. We are constantly investing in R&D along with utilizing our onsite Lab to ensure we are always providing the services that the market demands.

Scalability of Service

Ajax Textile has the scalable equipment and processes that enable us and our customers to grow together. Our facilities and processes are capable of handling a large range of order sizes. This means we can handle the needs of both small and large companies as well. We have one of the largest dyeing capacities in North America of over 250,000 kgs per week and batch sizes ranging between 80 and 1,000 kgs. We have some of the quickest turnarounds in North America, being able to process high volumes at speed. We can roll up to 300 kgs.

Speed of Service

We routinely process fabric faster than anyone else in the industry while being able to meet the wide range of load sizes and quality standards demands of today’s ever changing market (such as the Global Organic Textile Standard). Our fast speed-to-market allows us to work with retailers who have business models focused on fast fashion. We also consistently deliver on our commitments as demonstrated by our Status Report.

With our onsite Lab, we have some of the fastest turnarounds of Lab Dips. While it can take a few months to receive a minimum-quantity order from overseas, we are capable of processing Just in Time orders. With our highly automated machines and systems, we are responsive and timely in delivering finished products.

Additional Add-On Services

We have several customizable add-on services that enhance our customers’ experiences, such as:

  • Fabric pickup via our own trucking fleet (Ontario & Quebec)
  • Fabric pickup via 3rd party partners (Other geographies)
  • Finished product delivery via our own trucking fleet (Ontario & Quebec)
  • Finished product delivery via 3rd party partners (Other geographies)
  • Temporary warehousing of both greyish goods and finished goods within our facilities
  • Finished product packaging

Dedicated Quality Assurance

We have a Quality Control department whose job is to monitor and enhance quality control processes. We are able to maintain high quality standards while being extremely transparent with each of our customers. These processes ensure the highest product quality when fulfilling orders, such as:

  • We have a customer-centric quality assurance process that allows customers to be able to participate in the product design process should they choose. Customers are able to choose at which quality checkpoints in the process they are wanting to participate in.
  • Highest quality dyes that are bright true colors and do not leach with washing
  • Highly accurate dyeing using our atmospheric garment dye machines that are equipped with automatic chemical dispensers which allows the software to optimize the machine’s functions and permits all operations as automatic control of the bath, time of cycle, Temperature, inversion time, and rotation speed
  • Leading edge equipment that controls shrinkage, weight, and other quality requirements made by our customers
  • Our finishing department boasts some of the most modern and versatile finishing equipment in the industry that allows us to meet the stringent quality and performance demands of the market
  • Our European aerodynamic high temperature piece dyeing machines is the perfect application for your fabrics, made of natural or manmade fibres and it’s blends
  • Our Stripe matching machine is second to none in the industry. The machine combines steam with calendering using internally driven overfeed spreaders working in conjunction with external control for full width overfeed to achieve a perfect stripe match.
  • Our Nappers and fleece are world renowned for their high-quality.
  • Compactors not only control the shrinkage and weight, but they are equipped with an edge drive system to straighten bowing fabric distortion as well as overfeed fabrics in the steam zone to effect relaxation of the knitted structure

Order Management

One of the many ways we’re transparent with our customers throughout the production process is by providing order status updates. We are able to send order status updates at any frequency desired by each customer. The frequency of these updates can range from weekly to even multiple updates a day. These status updates reveal at which stage their order is in. Another service that we are capable of providing is being able to send electronic invoices along with these order status updates.