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Healthcare is an area of rapid development for technical textiles. Particularly with the current climate of COVID-19, the textile industry has seen a drastic increase in demand for masks. Materials are found in many hospital applications from wound dressings and bandaging materials to scaffolds for tissue engineering, all of which have specific requirements. Textile use is prevalent and through innovation is continuously expanding within the healthcare and hygiene sector in both home and hospital environments.

Fashion Apparel

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The fashion industry is a product of the modern age. Fashion designers are influential in setting trends in fashion, but, contrary to popular belief, they do not dictate new styles; rather, they endeavour to design clothes that will meet consumer demand. Ajax Textile works well in advance of the apparel production cycle to provide services that can create fabrics with colours, textures, and other qualities that anticipate consumer demand.


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Streetwear is constantly redefining itself, with macro trends informing national and even global fashion themes. This requires dye houses to be able to adapt to all product requirements that are thrown at them by the streetwear consumers. Ajax Textile is a leader in garment manufacturing and can provide many unique and personalized treatment and finish offerings.


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Activewear is a utility apparel, which enhances the performance of athletes during sports or fitness physical activities by improving the body movement as compared to regular clothes. Unique advantages of activewear such as breathability, quick drying, static resistance, thermal resistance, and chemical resistance boost their adoption among consumers, thereby propelling the market growth. Ajax Textile provides a multitude of services that increase the utility of textiles, such as wicking and water resistance.

specialty performance Fabrics

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athletic tape

Performance fabrics requires several specialty finishes and treatments that Ajax Textile is renowned for and capable in providing. High-performance textiles for sportswear and workwear require it to be hydrophobic and/or oleophobic. These properties improve the easy-care, durability, protection, self-cleaning, and comfort properties of high-performance apparel.

General eco-friendly apparel

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specialty products

Social media is playing a pivotal role in educating people about sustainable fashion as well. Increasing awareness will urge customers towards ethical fashion and will drive the market. Ajax Textile is focused on constantly introducing new methods that help produce apparel with a minimal carbon footprint for the sustainable or ethical fashion apparel market. 

UNIFORM apparel

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Whether for school or work, Ajax Textile provides several finishes and treatments that are relevant for products within the uniforms market. Uniforms require easy-care, comfort and aesthetics, which we provide several finishes and treatments for.

safety & security apparel

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Industrial fabrics are designed and engineered to be used in products, processes, or services where functional requirement trump the aesthetic form commonly considered the realm of textiles. They are used by non-apparel industry professionals for challenging and high-performance applications. Ajax Textile has many technical offerings that allow fabrics to function in their desired manner.

household Fabrics

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wall paneling

The home fabrics industry requires Ajax Textile to have many finishes and treatments that add certain value to fabrics within the Interiors sector. Interior fabrics include: upholstery fabrics, soft floor coverings, wallcoverings, window furnishing (curtains, drapes, blinds) and accessories such as cushions and throws. Each of these applications require unique finishes and treatments that Ajax Textile provides.

Mattress Fabrics

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The quality of the fabric used in your bedding items is vitally important. The unique finishes and treatments we provide are a vital part of the marketing—and the comfort and performance—of today’s bedding products.

Automotive industry textiles

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Textiles play varied roles in the Automotive Industry. Interior textiles are required both to fulfil aesthetic and comfort roles but also need to meet performance criteria, such as sound reduction, durability, and abrasion resistance. Whilst being as lightweight as possible and meeting the required health and safety standards such as static reduction and flame resistance.

industrial fabrics

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elevator lining
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Textiles serve purposes within the industrial fabrics market, such as for construction and filtration. For these applications, the textiles can provide a range of functions such as reinforcement, UV and water resistance, and thermal and sound insulation. The uses for these textiles range from for membranes for roofs, insulation, and fire walls, as well as tarpaulins, scaffolding nets and signage banners.