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We are a leading North American provider of fabric dyeing & finishing services to the textile industry.

Made in Canada canadian dye house
Ajax Textile is a state of the art operation with one of the largest high-temperature, high-pressure computer controlled dyeing and finishing facilities in North America.
We enjoy working with companies of all sizes, ranging from small niche startups to larger established producers. We partner with our customers as they scale from small to large. We can to ship internationally.
We work with leading companies in industries such as, Healthcare, Fashion Apparel, Streetwear, Activewear, Specialty Performance Wear, Eco-friendly Apparel, Uniform Apparel, Safety/Security Apparel, Household Fabrics, Mattress Fabrics, Automotive Industry Textiles, Industrial Fabrics.
Since its inception in 1954, Ajax Textile has striven to uphold its values of quality, reliability, ethics and environmental sustainability.

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Dyed, finished and/or treated by Ajax Textile

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