Since its inception in 1954, Ajax Textile strives to uphold quality, reliability, and environmental awareness. 


Specialty Performance Fabrics

We work diligently with our customers to develop and establish dyeing and finishing processes and procedures on traditional and new emerging fabrics as the marketplace demands.

Environmentally Conscious  

Global demand for renewable, green and environmentally friendly fabrics is growing and Ajax Textile has become the leader in producing a quality oriented fabric.

Organic Fabrics

As a result, we have become the leader in processing a number of specialty organic based fabrics and blends using soya, bamboo, organic cotton and hemp as their base material.


 We are a Canadian-based company Headquartered in the city of Ajax Canada for 60+ years.

We are the leading provider of products and services to the North American textile dyeing and finishing industry.

Ajax Textile is a state of the art operation with one of the largest high-temperature, high-pressure computer controlled dyeing and finishing facilities in North America.


"Utilizing over 75 state of the art high-temperature, high-pressure, computer controlled jet and airflow dyeing chambers ensures we have the capability to process a wide variety of traditional, specialty and newly emerging fabrics"


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